Best Period Tracker Apps

During the worst years of PMDD, my iPhone without a doubt contained the top two tools in my toolbelt:  ( 1 ) my peer support and ( 2 ) my period tracker app. When I was so overcome with wanting to crawl out of my own body, having sought refuge in the pitch black of my bedroom closet, the glow of my iPhone connected me with amazing women who not only understood what I was going through but also living it too. It was then I could also privately check the period tracker app and see "ah yes... today is ovulation day" and give credence to everything I was feeling.

My period tracker app allowed me to share my symptoms and cycles with my doctor and family members to not only validate my PMDD diagnosis, something I found myself doing over and over again, but it also helped me plan ahead for the worst days that came month after month with certainty. I could schedule events as needed and reduce the number of cancellations. Had I worked out of the home at the time, I imagine I could have used the same tracker to plan for days to telecommute or get my shifts covered. Looking back, I certainly wished I used this information to plan for additional help with the kids as PMDD made it extremely difficult to do so.

Learning from all this, I wanted to share my top 2 favorite period tracker apps for smartphones. For those wanting a tangible symptom tracker, I highly recommend Gia Allemand Foundation's printable tracker available here. For those wanting a take anywhere, digital option please keep reading below. It's also exciting to note that Gia Allemand Foundation has gifted $15,000 to support the development of a smartphone diagnostic tool and tracking device! A much-needed tool for anyone with a menstrual cycle and cyclical symptoms of depression, rage, and anxiety.

Having said that, here are my top-three period tracker apps!


#1 Me v PMDD

Me v PMDD is a free smartphone app just for women with PMDD. This Symptom Tracker has been designed by members of Gia Allemand Foundation, survivors, and advocates, Me v PMDD is a must have tool for your PMDD toolbelt. It not only includes the ability to track your cycle but also symptoms and treatment plans as well as connect you with valuable resources and peer support through Gia Allemand Foundation. Now available for free on the Me v PMDD website and for newer iPhones and Android.

Learn more at


photo credit: Me v PMDD

photo credit: Me v PMDD

#2 - Period Tracker Lite

This free and "lite" version of Period Tracker is more than enough for anyone with PMDD to track psychological symptoms like hopelessness and anxiety to physical symptoms like bloating and hunger. You can even add your own symptoms you'd like to track. Symptoms I personally added were "Divorcy" and "Suicidal". The developers are always updating the interface and adding new features like data export so you can share your tracking history with whoever may need it. The only downside (if there is one) is the almost paradoxical splash screen showing how many days until your period on a background of blossoming trees and butterflies. Sunlight through a dark tunnel might be more appropriate, but truly this is a great app to use in your PMDD journey.

Get it here for iPhone or Android.

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#3 CLUE Ovulation Tracker

Rated #1 by The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOGas the best ovulation and period tracker, it's one we recommend often at GAF. It's ever evolving interface provides a great deal of capability and insight to your symptoms and cycle while including many of the great features of Period Tracker Lite above. The latest release allows you track your cycles with your closest gal-pals because friends who care share... information about their PMDD.

photo credit: CLUE

photo credit: CLUE

I also recommend this app because of all the advocacy and awareness work CLUE does to raise awareness of premenstrual disorders like PMDD, endometriosis, menorrhagia and more that we love them so much. You can even join their team of ambassadors to fight for menstrual equality around the world. (Want to make a direct impact on women with PMDD specifically? Join our peer support team today!)

Get CLUE here for iPhone or Android.


Do you have a favorite cycle tracking app that is often overlooked? Post your favorite in the comments below! Also be sure to check out our printable tracker with instructions on how to start tracking today!


Amanda LaFleur