Talkspace: On-Demand Therapy


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If you’re not familiar with PMDD, it is an acronym for "premenstrual dysphoric disorder," which affects 3-8% of women, generally in their reproductive years. PMDD is delineated by severe PMS, which is characterized by feelings of hopelessness, sadness, and irritability in women. Obviously, understanding this disorder, as well as any other disorder, requires the expertise of a licensed mental health professional. Fortunately, modern-day technology has made connecting with a mental health professional easier than ever. Talkspace, an online therapy company, makes it possible to connect with a therapist by simply using an app on your smartphone.


Obviously, people lead busy lives so scheduling an in-person therapy session is not always convenient. Talkspace provides an online alternative, placing licensed mental health professionals, literally, in the palm of your hand. Also, Talkspace understands that not all users will want to engage in a phone conversation, and therefore, they offer clients several options when it comes to communicating with their therapist; clients are free to choose between text messaging, voice messaging, or video chat. As far as costs are concerned, it's based on several factors; however, pricing is generally on par with that of in-house therapy sessions, and in some cases, the costs may be slightly lower.


What services are offered through Talkspace? In addition to treating PMDD, Talkspace therapists also treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, and sexual identity disorders. Of course, the argument could be made that technology has no place in mental health, but many people have found Talkspace to be immensely effective. After all, we live in a technological age where everyone, especially millennials, goes online to either resolve problems or find answers. In fact, many people have referred to Talkspace as a godsend, with some users crediting online counselors with saving their lives. In a, an online women’s magazine, a former client details her journey with her therapist, often referring to her as a second mother. The client explains that through her Talkspace therapist she was able to stop drinking, fight her demons, and become a more productive member of society.


Although based in New York City, Talkspace’s app allows clients and prospective clients to contact a therapist at any time and from anywhere. The preferred mode of communication for most clients is text messaging, and therefore, Talkspace offers “On-Demand” therapy and counseling. On-Demand therapy allows clients to easily text counselors, and they do not need to have an appointment. Also, there is no limit regarding the number of text messages clients can send. According to the company’s website, Talkspace has over 1,000-licensed therapist available to their clients, and these therapists can help guide them through a range of mental health concerns.

April has been declared PMDD Awareness Month; if you’re struggling with PMDD or any other disorder, make it a point to speak with a counselor today!