20 easy ways to get involved in PMDD Awareness Month - April 2018

PMDD affects an estimated 1 in 20 women of reproductive age.  Pledge to do 1 of 20 easy actions to raise awareness and smash the stigma of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder!

If you are the “1” in the “1 in 20 with PMDD” or care about that “1” person, then:

SHARE - Help spread the word about PMDD!

GET - GET informed, GET help and support, GET involved!

CARE - Help starts with self-care - take care of yourself - and also know that there is a caring community of PMDD warriors growing around the world!!



1. Share a Photo in the Photo-a-day Challenge

Join the #1in20PMDD #PMDDawarenesschallenge 30-day Photo Challenge to raise your voice as a PMDD Warrior online! With 30 handy hints for you to follow - together we'll create a sea of awareness by those who see your posts! Make sure you remember to use the hashtags to be in with a chance to win free passes (including streaming passes!) to attend the Gia Allemand Foundation for PMDD conference in May!


2. Share a Thunderclap

Thunderclap is a great way of making a real impact on social media - and the more people that sign up, the bigger the noise! It’s quick and easy and gets PMDD Awareness Month pushed up those sneaky algorithms and gets it seen! 

Click JOIN THIS THUNDERCLAP, select “Support with Facebook” or “Support with Twitter” and your account will post this one-time message on April 25 at 3pm EST.

Your voice will join ours at IAPMD, Me v PMDD, and Vicious Cycle in our joint awareness movement along with thousands of PMDD fighters around the world!

3. Share Your Creativity

Email any creative works about PMDD (blogs, illustrations, graphics, paintings, videos, etc.) to Me V PMDD at hello@mevpmdd.com and these will be shared throughout April. All entries welcome! You don’t have to be an artist!


4. Share Your Support with a Facebook Frame

For the month of April why not change your profile picture to include the PMDD awareness #1in20PMDD frame? It's a quick and easy way to get PMDD seen!


5. Share Your Experience

If you are comfortable, tell one new person in your life about PMDD. You never know who may be fighting and searching for answers. Make sure you let us know how you get on by messaging or tweeting us! We want to know!


6. Share a Selfie

Use this printable to share how many years you've suffered and how many years you were undiagnosed. Send them in a selfie to us via info@iapmd.org or share online using the hashtags #1in20PMDD and #PMDDSelfie


7. Share a Poster

Print off the following PMDD information poster (or print off a few!) and stick it up in a public place and take a selfie! Community boards, doctor waiting rooms, shop notice boards... you never know who is going to read it and who you are going to help!


8. Share an Image

Get out of the echo chamber by sharing this image or this image, explaining what PMDD is to one health/women's/moms/parents group on Facebook. Together, we can reach new people outside of the community we are already a part of!

PMDD Stats.jpg
PMDD stats v33.jpg

9. Share a Tweet

On Twitter? It is a great way to contact organizations directly! ASK them if they include PMDD on their websites. If they don’t, then ask them to include it. Don’t ask... don’t get! Follow Vicious Cycle: Making PMDD Visible, IAPMD, and Me v PMDD and follow their lead!


10. Share a Word

Give us a word for a word cloud - we will put together an image.



11. Get Advocating

Join the PMDD Awareness Army group on Facebook: A place to brainstorm, share, get ideas, inspire and shout about your achievements. A place for ‘do-ers!’

Vicious Cycle - PMDD Awareness Army
Facebook Group · 270 members
Join Group
A group for all those who want to be pro-active in raising awareness of PMDD. Encouragement, support and ideas guaranteed! BE. THE. CHANGE.

12. Get Liking

Like Vicious Cycle: Making PMDD Visible, Me v PMDD, and IAPMD on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and like, comment and share our posts - get the word out there!


13. Get Clinicians Informed

Tired of seeing Doctors who haven't even heard of PMDD? Print off this letter and drop it off to your Drs office/GP surgery. It is an easy (and anonymous!) way of raising awareness RIGHT where it needs to be raised.


14. Get Involved

Can you spare a few hours a week? Apply to volunteer with IAPMD as a peer support volunteer, fundraising coordinator, member liaison, and more! We always need more hands on deck and we are a friendly, welcoming team - and we can work around your cycle.


15. Get Together

To support continued PMDD awareness become a member of IAPMD. Membership is free or as little as $5 a month to support ongoing PMDD support services and research. Even better, attend the 2018 PMDD Annual Conference and meet with patients, providers, and other care givers concerned with premenstrual disorders.


16. Get Fundraising

Start a fundraiser on Facebook to support education and research! Facebook fundraisers are fun and easy and a great way to raise awareness while supporting a cause you care about.


17. Get Tracking

If you're battling PMDD, take back control over your cycle, yourself, by downloading the Me v PMDD symptom tracker app right now - and start tracking EVERY DAY! Use your data to work with your doctor, plan ahead, reach out to supporters, arm yourself with self care, and see what’s working in your fight through PMDD! Data is knowledge and knowledge is power!!!


18. Get Searching

Look for #pmddpeeps and #pmdd on instagram or twitter and reach out to someone who may need help. Direct them to resources and support if they need it. Vicious Cycle: Making PMDD Visible do regular searches on Twitter looking for people who may be suffering from PMDD but not know about it yet. Why not give it a go? You could change someone’s life and light that ‘lightbulb!’ - pop key words in the search bar such as ‘pms' or 'suicidal’ and reach out to those who you may be able to help!


19. Care About Others

Join a support group on Facebook to give and receive support with others also impacted by PMDD. Through our lived experience, we can provide much needed care to others in need. May it be a kind word or a a funny image, you have the power to change someone's day! 


20. Care About You

Self-care is everything when it comes to PMDD! What things can you do to make yourself feel better or connect yourself to care when you're not feeling your best? Use this free PMDD Self-Care/Safety Plan to create a blueprint for every PMDD cycle.


The path to healing starts with self-care and support. Connect with our Peer Support team at anytime from anywhere in the world.

There is a caring community of PMDD warriors growing around the world! We’re giving voices and bringing hope to millions of women who have fought this condition - and not even known it - for way too long. PMDD is the next wave of the women’s movement!