Creating an Inclusive & Diverse Organization

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At IAPMD, we understand that not every PMDD and PME sufferer identifies as female, has medical insurance, or access to healthcare. Through our work, we value the many qualities and perspectives that make individuals unique.



Our diversity objectives are a top priority and include:

  • Use of inclusive language on our website, informational content, peer support services, education, and outreach.

  • Diverse representation in our Board of Directors, Clinical Advisory Board, and Peer Support volunteers.

  • Provide services that are culturally competent by increasing targeted outreach to often underserved and overlooked populations.

  • Support diverse individuals in low-income communities, particularly those who may lack access to informed and compassionate mental health and reproductive care.

  • Offer a clear position on anti-discrimination and inclusivity that never excludes individuals in need based on socioeconomic status, gender identification, ethic identification, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or disability.

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Anti-discrimination Policy

IAPMD is an equal opportunity organization and does not discriminate based upon age, ethnicity, ancestry, gender, national origin, disability, race, size, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, or any other status prohibited by applicable law.

... more than making people feel welcome when they come to our home, we need to invite them to come to our home
— Courtney Crocket, IAPMD Board Member Alum