Peer Support Provider

Are you ready to help others in their PMDD journey? Join our global team of peer support providers!

What is a Peer Support Provider?

Peers Support Providers offer in-the-moment support, resources, and hope for others. Peers draw upon their own life experiences, particularly how they have found hope and overcome times of distress, and use that experience to empower others. Lived experience allows Peers to have a body of knowledge that is extremely useful to others going through similar struggles; they are able to understand others in a way that is real and empathetic.


What do Peer Support Providers do?

Peer Support Providers provide advocacy, connections to resources, experiential sharing, community building, relationship building, skill building/mentoring/goal setting, socialization/self-esteem building, education/awareness. Peers also screen for safety issues (ie suicidality) and support individuals seeking help in maintaining their emotional and physical safety. All Peer Support Providers receive comprehensive training, supervision, and co-worker support.

What does training cover?

Peer Support Providers will be required to complete a self-paced, virtual training program prior to providing services. This training program is free for IAPMD volunteers and focuses on the following training objectives:

  • Setting boundaries and keeping up self-care

  • Being a confidante

  • Identify Crisis Warning Signs

  • Using appropriate language and tone

  • Signposting to resources and further support

How many hours does a Peer Support Provider work?

We ask for a minimum of four hours per week around your schedule. Providers may also assist in the IAPMD global Facebook support group at

Where do Peer Support Providers work?

In this non-clinical role, Peer Support Providers will work virtually and collaboratively with IAPMD Peer Support Program Directors, team lead, co-volunteers, and the community. Peer Support Providers will advocate on behalf of those affected by PMDD, while helping individuals in the community navigate the health and social services systems. Candidates will work closely with individuals in the PMDD community to address problems and answer questions, gather and provide information and support, and connect individuals to resources and to the community.

How do I get started?

Please complete and submit the application form below to apply!